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Michael Jackson 500GB portable hard drive – ripped apart

This seems to be a great deal at the moment at amazon (and elsewhere) Around £40 for a 500GB portable usb hard drive emblazoned with a Michael Jackson “This is it” logo: 500GB portable hard drive – includes pre-loaded full length movie Luxurious colour and elegant pattern – Sony Pictures special edition Premium materials – […]

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Hotmail finally gets activesync and push notification

Hotmail users will finally be able to get e-mail push notifications and sync their contacts and calendars on smart phones, according to reports. Microsoft is adding Exchange ActiveSync support to Hotmail next week. All Hotmail users will be able to use ActiveSync with mobile devices that support it, including the Apple iPhone, Google Android phones […]

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Intel rolls out Dual Core processors for netbooks

Intel has just launched a new dual-core Atom processor, the N550. This new processor is geared toward enhancing the processing power of highly portable devices. This means the new dual-core CPU will be found in netbooks, and possibly even some tablet PC’s. To add to this, there are some big names such as Acer, ASUS, […]

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ITV Player coming to PS3

PS3 owners already get the Beeb’s iPlayer via their console, and now ITV’s catch-up service is going to be landing on the games platform. The ITV Player should be appearing on a PlayStation near you before the end of the year, although no specific date was given for the launch. Apparently this is part of […]

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3D Cameras and printers released

Fujifilm set to release 3D compact camera and a 3D printer. The camera features two distinct 10-megapixel CCDs and two Fujinon lenses (3x optical zoom) to create the 3D effect. In a neat trick, if you stick to 2D you can use one for taking a close up and one for a wide angle image […]

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Smaller iPad rumoured

Despite Apple not being able to keep up with existing orders for its iPad tablet, there are now rumours that a smaller 7in version of the iPad could be with us by Christmas. The information comes from the translation of a Chinese language newspaper, Economic Daily News, which states that Apple supplier Chimei Innolux will […]

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PS3 jailbreak available soon

A group of hardware hackers claim they are about to release the first product to allow gamers to play homemade and pirated games on the PlayStation 3. The PS3 is the only games console that has not been publicly hacked, despite being on the market for more than three years. Now a group called PSJailbreak […]

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NASA’s accidental video art

NASA’s accidental video art NASA straps mini cameras to various parts of the shuttle for diagnostics. Check out this 2001-esque video of the booster separation from the camera onboard the actual booster rocket: skip to 1:55 for the action.

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Probability Processors Say Maybe

Newcomer Lyric Semiconductor has announced its rather novel approach to dominating the processor industry: a chip that can say “maybe.” In a video interview with tech news site, company founder Ben Vigoda revealed details of his company’s planned “probability processor,” which dispenses with the black-and-white world of binary logic for a series of ever-shifting greys. […]

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Kindle and iPad screens under the microscope

Kindle and iPad screens under the microscope: also “real book print” for comparison: Read more:

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