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Balancing robot – without gyros

Bot balancing without gyros … for a few seconds at least No gyros, no accelerometers – only a sonar ranger and lots of code. The motors used are standard servos modified for continuous rotation, sonar sensor is a HC-SR04 as detailed in a previous post Code ? Well here’s a simplified portion of the PID […]

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Ultrasonic robot avoids walls

Using an ultrasonic sonar ranger to avoid walls – and people’s feet – before hitting them: At first I was getting plenty of false readings, so here’s the first run, pausing and verifying before turning: With faster code, and not stopping: Improved accuracy, so it detects smaller objects like feet:

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Arduino and SR04 ultrasonic sensor – robot eyes !

Hooked an SR04 ultrasonic sensor to my arduino board – robot eyes ! Ranger sensor uses sonar to give accurate distance measurement to objects or obstacles placed in front of it. They’re surprisingly sensitive / accurate – I was able to reliably measure to a millimeter at 15cm range. These sensors are also now VERY […]

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BBC News add-ons for firefox and chrome

Following on from my recent add-ons, here’s a handy plug-in to display latest bbc news headlines. Instead of opening a tab, this opens a faster mini window on a single click: So go get the add-on “Latest BBC News” for both firefox and chrome: V 1.0 Features Get all the Latest BBC News headlines with […]

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Hot UK Deals – add-ons for firefox and chrome

An avid bargain hunter, I often keep an eye on for the latest deals, and following on from my recent add-on for ebuyer’s website, I thought I’d make a more convenient way of checking the site. Instead of opening a tab, this opens a faster mini version of the site on a single click: […]

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