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Play DVD disks in XBMC on Raspberry Pi

Here’s how to add DVD playback support into RaspBMC n your Raspberry Pi (requires MPEG2 key installed on SD card – buy one here: i.e. Playback commercial DVDs direct from attached USB DVD drive While it works well, it only plays the film, no dvd menus. SSH into the running RaspBMC Download and compile […]

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Play DVD disks on Raspberry Pi

In August the Raspberry Pi Foundation started selling MPEG2 codec licenses for the popular Raspberry Pi. With this installed, the Pi can decode MPEG2 directly on its GPU chip, with very little CPU usage. The ARM CPU used in the Pi isn’t really powerful enough to decode MPEG2 on its own. Since DVDs use MPEG2, […]

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Instagram for firefox

View your latest feeds and images from instagram in a quick popup. – View your feeds – Show pictures full screen – Browse by tags – Like pictures – Follow / Unfollow users Popular photos and browsing by tag possible without being logged in. Log in to instagram to browse user profiles and your photo […]

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