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Recording TV on Raspberry Pi

As an update to my previous guide, things have become a little simpler in Raspbian Jessie, since there is now a precompiled version of tvheadend available. Add the TVHeadend repository to the pi’s sources list: nano /etc/apt/sources.list add the following line: deb jessie main Now we can install tvheadend: sudo apt-get update && sudo […]

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Raspi Imager – Android app to download and install Raspberry Pi SD cards

Raspi Imager – Android app to download and install Raspberry Pi SD cards New android app to download & image raspberry pi SD cards Prepare bootable SD cards for your Raspberry Pi direct on your phone – No PC required ! – downloads and installs OS – images to SD card or USB (card reader) […]

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Cluster of Raspberry Pi Zeroes

No ethernet required – each pi zero is both powered and networked by a single usb lead ! The magic happens in the “gadget mode” firmware of the PI Zero. Since it doesn’t have the USB HUB chip in the way like other models (B / B+/pi2) it can be configured in device mode. This […]

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PiZero works with chromecast ethernet PSU

Google sell a combined PSU and ethernet adaptor for the chromecast which works over a single micro usb…. [£15] The PSU contains a USB-ethernet adaptor so it can provide both power and ethernet networking to the Pi Zero,which can be powered from the data usb port as seen above. Power and networking with a […]

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Raspberry Pi 2 – XENON DEATH FLASH

Having just received a new Pi-2 , the updated version of Pi that’s quad core and 6x faster I Was reading ths thread over on the official Pi forum: where PeterO found taking a flash photo near the Pi caused it to crash. With a bit of experimentation: Took photo with Samsung Note2 – […]

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Record TV on Raspberry Pi with tvheadend

I’ve had PC running Windows Media Center for a couple of years recording TV, but decided to replace it with – you guessed it – a Raspberry Pi! The MCE box was using a couple of these gold Kworld USB dual tuners (UB499-T2): On connecting one to the Pi, initially nothing showed up in /dev/dvb, […]

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Boot Raspberry Pi from a 16MB SD card

The Pi boots from SD card, and this normally means you have to have at least a 2GB SD card, but you can instead use a small SD card and a USB pendrive, as I show here. The Raspberry Pi only needs an SD card at bootup time, it can immediately hand over to a […]

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Raspberry Pi Sales Timeline

The Raspberry Pi has been a great success, with over 2.5million sold so far, but there’s less information around on how many of each revision are out there, particularly the percentage with “mounting holes” (rev2 onwards) or the split of 256/512MB models So after a bit of trawling through google and correlating article dates with […]

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Raspicam Remote for Android

Raspicam Remote for Android Raspberry Pi camera viewer. RaspiCAM Remote is an app to view the Raspberry Pi camera module on your Android Device. – NO software needs to be installed or configured on the Raspberry Pi – uses standard NOOBS setup – Pictures can be saved to your phone’s gallery. – Continuous “video” mode […]

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Biped robot kicks a ball .. and has a great fall

Kicking a ball: The kicking action runs the knee/hip servos at full speed, instead of slow smoothly interpolated sweeps like used in walking/ leaning E.g. CODE: SELECT ALL Servo.hip = 90 Servo.hip= 140 vs CODE: SELECT ALL For sweep in range (90, 140): Servo.hip = sweep time.sleep (0.1) Here’s a quick vid of it falling […]

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