Biped robot kicks a ball .. and has a great fall

Kicking a ball:

Kicking  a ball

The kicking action runs the knee/hip servos at full speed, instead of slow smoothly interpolated sweeps like used in walking/ leaning

Servo.hip = 90
Servo.hip= 140


For sweep in range (90, 140):
Servo.hip = sweep
time.sleep (0.1)

Here’s a quick vid of it falling over when the battery pack detached, causing it to lose balance:

Pi biped

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  1. Zion says:

    Victor, I haven’t use the code that you provide to me. I want to imneemlpt by myself first, if I cannot do it, then I will read the code.Actually, the pulse is able to be generated, however the pulse width is not correct. I think that I got a wrong idea. I want to divide 2ms to 180 step that is difficult to do such accurate calculation. So, I will try another solution tonight.

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