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ITV Player coming to PS3

PS3 owners already get the Beeb’s iPlayer via their console, and now ITV’s catch-up service is going to be landing on the games platform. The ITV Player should be appearing on a PlayStation near you before the end of the year, although no specific date was given for the launch. Apparently this is part of […]

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PS3 jailbreak available soon

A group of hardware hackers claim they are about to release the first product to allow gamers to play homemade and pirated games on the PlayStation 3. The PS3 is the only games console that has not been publicly hacked, despite being on the market for more than three years. Now a group called PSJailbreak […]

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PS3 finally hacked after 3 years

Sony’s Playstation 3 has finally been hacked almost 3 years after its release. George Hotz said the hack, which could allow people to run pirated games or homemade software, took him five weeks. He said he was still refining the technique but intended to post full details online soon. The PS3 is the only games […]

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