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Play DVD disks in XBMC on Raspberry Pi

Here’s how to add DVD playback support into RaspBMC n your Raspberry Pi (requires MPEG2 key installed on SD card – buy one here: i.e. Playback commercial DVDs direct from attached USB DVD drive While it works well, it only plays the film, no dvd menus. SSH into the running RaspBMC Download and compile […]

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Watch UK TV in firefox and chrome

I’ve just written another firefox/chome addon, this one to watch UK TV live in your browser. Watch UK TV channels via TV Catchup Watch any of 58 UK freeview channels live streamed right in your browser. BBC1, BBC2, ITV1, Channel 4 ,Channel Five Film 4, Dave etc Popup clickable list of channels, click to immediately […]

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UK TV Times – TV listings in a firefox and chrome addon

The great TiVo PVR records all the TV I could possibly want, but I sometimes still look at the TV guide to see if it’s worth getting up from sitting at the PC. Of course there are various TV Guide websites, but none of that is as convenient as a single click popup in your […]

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ebay live – firefox and chrome addon

This week I wrote another browser add-on for firefox and chrome, this time to keep track of your eBay watched items and sales in a handy window, accessible by a single click. V 1.0 Features Track your eBay activity with a single click. Opens a popup widget with your watched item list already displayed. Links […]

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BBC News add-ons for firefox and chrome

Following on from my recent add-ons, here’s a handy plug-in to display latest bbc news headlines. Instead of opening a tab, this opens a faster mini window on a single click: So go get the add-on “Latest BBC News” for both firefox and chrome: V 1.0 Features Get all the Latest BBC News headlines with […]

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Hot UK Deals – add-ons for firefox and chrome

An avid bargain hunter, I often keep an eye on for the latest deals, and following on from my recent add-on for ebuyer’s website, I thought I’d make a more convenient way of checking the site. Instead of opening a tab, this opens a faster mini version of the site on a single click: […]

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eBuyer add-ons for firefox and chrome

Sometimes a website redesign loses useful features, this was the case recently when popular computer & electronics retailer updated their site. Gone were long searchable list of products, with a limit of 10 per page, and no option to add to cart directly from the product list, which makes comparing products / mass adding […]

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Happy World Backup Day

Today is World Backup Day Well we have a day for just about everything else  – why should Backups be forgotten ? World Backup Day (WBD) was proposed about a week ago by some members of Reddit, the social bookmarking Web site, and has caught on in the way things do online: A Web site […]

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Panasonic SDHC recovery – welcome back MTS files!

We all know the horror – accidentally deleting photos from memory cards. While there are many file-recovery programs out there to get your files and photos back, when similar happened to me with a SDHC camcorder, none of the programs I tried would find any video. The 16GB SD card in question had been full of […]

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