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Intel rolls out Dual Core processors for netbooks

Intel has just launched a new dual-core Atom processor, the N550. This new processor is geared toward enhancing the processing power of highly portable devices. This means the new dual-core CPU will be found in netbooks, and possibly even some tablet PC’s. To add to this, there are some big names such as Acer, ASUS, […]

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Probability Processors Say Maybe

Newcomer Lyric Semiconductor has announced its rather novel approach to dominating the processor industry: a chip that can say “maybe.” In a video interview with tech news site V3.co.uk, company founder Ben Vigoda revealed details of his company’s planned “probability processor,” which dispenses with the black-and-white world of binary logic for a series of ever-shifting greys. […]

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Gold from old motherboards

How much gold can you get from old PC motherboards ? Find out in Tom’s Hardware experiment here: http://tlnk.me/8089

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