Boot Raspberry Pi from a 16MB SD card

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The Pi boots from SD card, and this normally means you have to have at least a 2GB SD card, but you can instead use a small SD card and a USB pendrive, as I show here. The Raspberry Pi only needs an SD card at bootup time, it can immediately hand over to a […]

Raspicam Remote for Android

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Raspicam Remote for Android Raspberry Pi camera viewer. RaspiCAM Remote is an app to view the Raspberry Pi camera module on your Android Device. – NO software needs to be installed or configured on the Raspberry Pi – uses standard NOOBS setup – Pictures can be saved to your phone’s gallery. – Continuous “video” mode […]

Setting up adblock on Raspberry Pi

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So you’re used to browsing on the PC with Adblock installed, then you use the default browser (midori) on the raspberry Pi and find the web is full of annoying ads ! This not only distracts, but also slows down page loading. Unfortunately the version of midori on the pi does not support ad blocking […]

Play DVD disks in XBMC on Raspberry Pi

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Here’s how to add DVD playback support into RaspBMC n your Raspberry Pi (requires MPEG2 key installed on SD card – buy one here: i.e. Playback commercial DVDs direct from attached USB DVD drive While it works well, it only plays the film, no dvd menus. SSH into the running RaspBMC Download and compile […]

Play DVD disks on Raspberry Pi

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In August the Raspberry Pi Foundation started selling MPEG2 codec licenses for the popular Raspberry Pi. With this installed, the Pi can decode MPEG2 directly on its GPU chip, with very little CPU usage. The ARM CPU used in the Pi isn’t really powerful enough to decode MPEG2 on its own. Since DVDs use MPEG2, […]

Slim down your Raspberry Pi with an RSMMC card

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Just a quick tip for those who want to fit their Raspberry Pi into a small case, SD cards installed in the Rapsberry Pi stick out a fair amount: and frank26080115 over on the raspberry Pi forums has even soldered in an adaptor to use a microSD card: If you don’t want to get […]

Raspberry Pi case made from a 99p iphone 4 case

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Tinkering with the popular Raspberry Pi, one of the first things you need is a case of some sort to protect it. are currently selling iphone4 silicone cases for just 99p delivered: Silicone Case for iPhone 4G, Green and Black 99p including delivery in the UK     and you can probably buy them […]